Whether you operate a small call centre within your business or a large, multi-location third-party call centre, IPFINITY’s call centre solutions are flexible and scalable and provide state-of-the-art reporting, recording and real-time call visualization solutions.

Whether you need to intelligently route calls to attendants who are multi-tasking in your organization or you have dedicated attendants in multiple sites in different cities, we can route your call traffic the way you need it to work best.

We architect our call centre solutions to exactly what works best for your business, maximizing your staff’s productivity while minimizing capex and startup costs.

We can also scale up your call centre as you grow without requiring huge expenditure in equipment. Should you relocate, your IP phones can relocate with you, plugging into your new facility. Home workers? No problem, we can deliver calls to your operators wherever they are.

Disaster recovery, call recording and archival, load balancing, web access, web click-to-call and numerous other applications are available to add to your call centre based on your needs. And should you want something else entirely, if you can dream it, we can build it!