Here are just a few of the many, many standard applications on CloudVoice™. You can pick and choose as many of these as you require for your business. And, if you would like something that you don’t see below, just ask us: If you can dream it, we can build it!

Smartphone twinning to PBX

Available for iOS and Android phones, we can convert your Smartphone into a full fledged business phone. Best of all, calls are made over 3G/4G/LTE data (not 3G voice), cutting your monthly cell phone costs to a fraction! Plus, as your calls are traversing over our network, you have access to all the long distance and international calling capacity on your account. Even better, if you would like to distribute calls to your mobile workforce, you can reach them just like they were inside your office.


We give your busy fax a rest (so it can be used for outbound faxing). All inbound fax calls to your fax number never hit the fax machine. They get digitized in the cloud, converted to PDF and emailed to you. At the cost of pennies a day, it’s way cheaper than the toner your old fax machine uses. Give everyone their own fax number, save toner, save desk space, save the environment and make life just a little bit easier!

Conference Bridge

Have your own private conference bridge. Or have several. Optionally, calls can be recorded and emailed to the moderator for minute keeping. Bridges can have their individual pass codes (no no passcode, if you prefer), and you can get a report on your conference bridge activity.

Call Recording

Whatever your need — auditability, quality assurance — on-demand or permanent call recording with cloud storage (or email delivery of the audio) can solve this need. A web portal gives you insight into all the recordings with click-to-play and click-to-email convenience. No onsite hardware that you need to install or maintain. No tapes to rotate and take offsite. We provide archival storage that guarantees 50 years of storage with encrypted access.

Enhanced Voicemail

Keep your voicemail in the cloud, have it delivered by email making it easy to sort and find. Forget about pressing 6 to skip those 18 messages (unless you really want to).

Call queuing with callback

When the phone’s ringing off the hook (it’s that time of the day or year), don’t lose those customers. Give them the option to stay in queue, or get a call-back without losing their place in the queue.

Call recording, with encrypted cloud archival

If you need to store your recordings over a long period of time, what better way than on Amazon’s S3 or other cloud storage service. For pennies a gigabyte (with rates falling), cloud storage is way cheaper than storing these hard disks in shoe boxes (think of the space you’ll save, not to mention the electricity and the aggravation). No question, this is the way to go.


Need to send out faxes frequently? Skip the fax machine send them straight out of your browser with our Webfax service.


Disasters can strike at any time. But who wants to pay a lot for something you may never use (certainly hope you never use). We can build a sophisticated multi-site DRP solution or simply send your calls to your cell phones in the event of an emergency.

and way more…

We are just scratching the surface here. We’ve been busy building apps at a steady clip for years, so if you dream it, we may have already built it.

  • Call queuing with smart overflow
  • Custom call records (CDRs)
  • Text-to-speech engine for information delivery
  • Click-to-call/website call integration
  • Click-to-chat
  • SMS with integration to your portal’s back office