IPFINITY has certified a large number of devices in various categories such as desk phones, cordless and cellular DECT phones, ATAs, media converters, paging amplifiers, door phones and PBX’s from various manufacturers such as Grandstream, Polycom, Cisco, Panasonic, SNOM and others. In addition, we have tested and certified softphone applications on iOS and Android platforms.

We can mix and match the industry’s best-in-class solutions to your needs, ensuring that you receive the best value.

We provision every device prior to shipment so that it works as soon as you turn it on. Cloud provisioning also means that should you need a configuration change made to a device, we can make the change “in the cloud” and push it to the device in minutes or seconds, without having to drive a truck over to your site. This saves you time and hassle. We like to say that we drive our trucks in the cloud.

IPFINITY is a certified partner of Cisco, Grandstream, Panasonic and Polycom as well as a partner of Amazon Web Services, SOFTLAYER an IBM Company, Backspace and other top tier solution providers.