Nav-grid-web-3-blue-cloudvoiceWhat it is:

CloudVoice is a cloud-based voice-application delivery platform that offers best-in-class IP telephony, coupled with innovative
customized voice applications to solve all your communications needs.

How it works:

ipfinity’s CloudVoice network has a distributed architecture with numerous signaling and media-carrying nodes located proximally at the edge of the Internet, where your ISP and WAN are located.

Our nodes are internally connected over a high bandwidth, low latency redundant fabric, which enables us to push traffic from edge to edge with very low latency and loss. The end result is that your voice packets transiting on our network have to traverse a short distance to get to their destination.


Agile and lightening quick network, which enhances your bottom line with increased service stability.

CloudVoice™ is a modular applications delivery platform built over a rock-solid distributed architecture. Think of CloudVoice as

CloudVoice = Voice Apps + Cloud.

The Cloud attribute of CloudVoice provides redundancy, reliability and scalability: a future-proof solution: maximum bang for minimum buck.

The Apps attribute of CloudVoice allows you to get tailor your communications exactly the way you want it.