Nav-grid-web-5-purple-nightingaleWhat it is:

ipfinity’s Nightingale watches over your network to ensure that voice calls are crystal clear and uninterrupted, regardless of the data load your network is experiencing.

How it works:

The idea is simple: give voice traffic priority over all else. Imagine happily driving along a highway at speed, and then slowing to a crawl at the exit ramp. That’s what can happen to your voice calls over the Internet when the information moves between your high-speed network and the rest of the Internet.

We can talk about network capacity and choke-points to explain the phenomenon, but the practical reality is that garbled calls hurt your business. Nightingale is IPFINITY’s traffic-shaping technology that combines efficient use of data transfer capacity and complex mathematical algorithms to move your voice traffic smoothly and with high priority over voice-data networks. Think of it as a traffic cop for your network traffic, with Einstein’s brain.

What it means to you:

Nightingale ensures that your calls are crystal clear without degrading your data. On even a basic DSL or cable Internet, Nightingale can let you make dozens of simultaneous crystal clear calls while sharing that connection with your data.

Technically speaking

In order to achieve high QoS, which in turn translates into high speech quality (high intelligibility and minimum distortion), an IP voice system must necessarily and simultaneously minimize end-to-end latency, jitter and packet loss. 

IPFINITY’s CloudVCloudVoice Multipeeringoice™ network has a distributed architecture with numerous signalling and media-carrying nodes located proximally at the edge of the Internet, where your ISP and WAN are located. This architecture reduces latency dramatically between the backbone of all major ISP’s and our network. Our nodes are internally connected over a high bandwidth, low latency redundant fabric which enables us to push traffic from edge to edge with very low latency and loss. The end result is that your voice packets transiting on our network have to traverse a minimum distance to get to their destination. We are rarely more than 50 milliseconds from any edge location. Translation: low latency and jitter.
This leaves the problem of getting traffic in and out of your facility to your ISP. This is a challenging problem because the last mile is also the worst bottleneck. Your LAN may be operating at gigabit speeds, but between your facility and your ISP your Internet connection may capable of only a few megabits. Imagine 1000 mph traffic taking a 1 mph exit ramp!

This is where Nightingale™ comes in. Nightingale is IPFINITY’s traffic shaping technology that acts as a traffic cop watching and directing the bits transiting your LAN-to-Internet interface. Nightingale is a content-aware traffic traffic optimizer that minimizes latency-induced jitter for your voice traffic, while minimally affecting your data traffic. Nightingale’s adaptive algorithms are layer 7-aware and respond to traffic bursts in real-time, thus minimizing wasted bandwidth and congestion-driven yield loss.


Installing Nightingale™ devices is simple, as they are all transparent bridge mode devices leading to plug-and-play installation (they are cloud-configured via our remote provisioning system). Consequently they do consume IP addresses nor require special router or firewall configuration, making the installation process quick and simple.VRX100-image

Nightingale™ is a field-proven solution, routing billions of packets daily. Nightingale devices are available in several form factors ranging from a small footprint 4xLAN 1xWAN format to multi-WAN rack-mount solutions.