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Case Study 3: MSC Telephone System Reseller


Michael Sheridan Communications is a leading provider of reliable and cost effective telephony solutions  to Canadian businesses for over 30 years.

To make the transition from selling traditional phone systems to SIP and Cloud services, MSC tried and evaluated numerous providers, and selected IPFINITY for its superior Cloud architecture.

“When our clients started enquiring about SIP and Cloud, we did an extensive and rigorous search for the most suitable partner. I am proud of our decision to work with IPFINITY. The stuff works, its bullet proof and install & support team is very responsive” said […]

Case Study 3: MSC Telephone System Reseller2019-01-24T12:03:42-05:00

Case Study 2: Swatch Canada

Part of a world-wide, iconic brand, Swatch Canada needed a solution to interconnect their Toronto and Montreal locations seamlessly.

Solution: CloudVoice gives Swatch Canada with a burstable and scalable trunk service that interconnects their operations.

Win-win: CloudVoice has saved Swatch Canada the capital expense of upgrading their phone system. They get their calls delivered where they want, when they want, the way they want. IPFINITY handles the call distribution logic in our cloud which saves Swatch from having to make expensive infrastructure upgrades.

IPFINITY’s CloudVoice is a vast suite of tailorable applications that will work just right for your business with the zero capex cost of purchasing […]

Case Study 2: Swatch Canada2019-01-24T12:03:42-05:00

Case Study 1: BouMatic Robotics

BouMatic Robotics BV is the Dutch-based world-leader in bovine milking automation and robotics.

IPFINITY provides BouMatics with a state-of-the-art, custom engineered telecom solution via CloudVoice™ that interconnects their operation in Canada, US, France, Germany and the UK.

BouMatic’s multi-country distributed call processing is hosted in IPFINITY’s CloudVoice™ infrastructure with logic to route calls based on demand and availability along with web-based dashboards that allow operators to visualize their call work flow. CloudVoice™ lets BouMatic’s mobile technicians service calls seamlessly regardless of geography, thus unifying their workforce across continents for peerless efficiency.

Case Study 1: BouMatic Robotics2016-06-07T13:19:23-04:00
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