Fax machines are old-school, but often still needed for mission critical functions. Enter CloudFax™: IPFINITY’s cloud-based fax solution.

CloudFax™ can eliminate the need for fax hardware, or can work alongside your legacy fax machine.

Outbound faxes can be sent via a web browser: simply upload a PDF file and hit send. Add as many senders as you like, each will have their own send receipts. Send multiple faxes simultaneously, eliminate queues at the machine.

Incoming faxes are digitized in the cloud and sent to one or as many email addresses you like and/or be browsable through a secure SFTP connection. IPFINITY’s secure FTP (SFTP) implementation uses state of the art PKI cryptography to ensure that password attacks are eliminated.

Should you need to keep your old fax machine working, we can connect it to our CloudVoice™ network via a telephony adapter (aka ATA) so that incoming and/or outgoing faxes can continue working as they always did, without the bother and cost of copper lines or changing your process.

Alternatively should you wish to have your fax and digitize it too, we can also do that. Just ask.